ROOT is the lifeforce of The Root Network. More than just a blockchain, The Root Network is decentralized, community-owned and designed to power and connect digital experiences within Futureverse and beyond.

The ROOT Token

ROOT unites diverse communities, nurturing boundless creativity by exchanging and cultivating imaginative potential.

Revolutionary Multi-Token Economy

The Root Network utilizes a dual-token system: ROOT for security and governance, and XRP for gas fees, ensuring optimal network efficiency and security.

Proof-of-Stake Protocol

ROOT is essential for securing and operating The Root Network's proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol. Node validators and delegators stake ROOT for fees, incentivizing active participation and network integrity.

Decentralized Exchange + State Oracle

An in-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) integrated with the XRPL DEX, facilitates efficient asset trading and liquidity pool establishment. The state oracle enables interchain interoperability, allowing developers to link events across multiple chains.

ROOT fuels creators and communities, enabling a thriving digital economy with abundant opportunities.

and Distributed.

40% of ROOT total supply (12B tokens) will be distributed to the community through land mechanics and the interactive FutureScore program. FutureScore rewards loyal and engaged community members, offering ROOT-based rewards for participating in Quests.
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